Make Music Detroit


Windstar Soul

May 13, 2016

Windstar SoulBased out of Detroit, Michigan Windstar Soul works hard to bring back the original Detroit soul vibe with a modern twist. Touching a variety of genres, this 5-piece group blends soul, funk, hip hop with surprising free jazz/ psychedelic elements. Seeing Windstar Soul live is exciting because they allow for their musical intuition to translate into long tantalizing jams- you never know what you will get next. Surely their upbeat rhythms, grooves, and sexy harmonies will make you dance and possibly question your sexuality.

They focus on bringing positive energy and a communal feeling. Not only is Windstar interested on providing music to the masses, they also hope to use their music as a platform for creating positive momentum towards making our world a better place. They believe in grassroots organizing, natural healing which is based in love for nature and for fellow humankind. MAKE MUSIC NOT WAR!!! The tribal connection to mother Earth and one another is what we thrive off of! Free yourself, listen to good music.