Make Music Detroit


MMD2017 Sign Up Instructions For Artists

May 3, 2017


(PDF Manual with Screen Shots Below or Click Here)


  • Visit and click “Sign up as a Performer Now” link in the “Participate” section
  • Click “Register” when the webpage loads on the separate tab
  • Register with a current email and contact information.  If you are a kid, please have your parent(s) or guardian(s) help you sign up
  • After filling out the form and accepting the Term and Conditions, click “Sign Me Up
  • Click “Performer
  • Fill in your music bio information
    • If you only want to perform a few songs, please tell us in the “Long Description” section
    • If you are a jazz performer, not in an ensemble, check out our Open Jazz Jam in the venue section after you finish your profile
  • Fill out your availability. Be ready to arrive one (1) hour before your performance
  • Let us know how many members are in your group and whether you need electricity or PA to perform
  • Upload pictures
    • Don’t have any photos? Come to one of our Sign-up Days
  • Post up your youtube and/or soundcloud links
    • If you have a reverbnation or bandcamp link, post it in the next section or in your bio
    • If you don’t have a youtube or soundcloud link, come to our Sign-up Days. Be prepared to perform
  • Post your social media links
  • Let us know who to contact. To the kids, give us a parent or guardian’s name and contact

Profile is Done!!  Now…

  • Pick a venue you would like to play at, then click the “Request a Performance” button
    • Your first choice might be a lot of people’s first choice, so have a second, third or fourth-choice
    • Make sure the venue has what you need to perform (i.e. electricity, PA, piano)
  • (This is the hard part) Fill out your availability. When can you perform?
    • Be prepared to arrive an hour before your performance
    • Each request needs to be made in one hour blocks, at the start of the hour
      • YES: 1pm-2pm, 6pm-7pm
      • NO: 6:15pm-7:15pm or 9:30pm-10:30pm or 2:45pm-5:50pm
    • You can request as many one hour blocks you’d like
  • Pick some more venues
    • You can perform at more than one (1) venue the day of the event
    • But not at the same time
      • You can only be at one place at one time
    • Make sure you can arrive to your next gig(s) an hour beforehand
  • Repeat last three (3) steps, if necessary

 You’re done.  Welcome to Make Music Detroit